Believe: Archaeology – Sun 21-02-28

This week we will highlight evidence to believe in God and the Bible. Up first is an article published February 3rd on In it, Sebastian Kettley reports on archeological discoveries that identify the possible site of the ancient Israelite tabernacle at Shiloh, north of Jerusalem. The tabernacle, also called the tent of meeting,  was a tent surrounded by a curtained courtyard. It served as the center of worship for the ancient Israelites before the temple was built in Jerusalem. It is mentioned in several books of the Bible, including Exodus and Joshua. Joshua 18:1 mentions that the tabernacle was set up at Shiloh. This occurred approximately 1400 B.C.

What was found? Archeologists discovered cavities chipped into a flat rocky area. These cavities appear to align with the description of how wooden posts were placed to form the Tabernacle fence. Earlier excavations in the area also found large amounts of animal bones from the right side of the animals. This corresponds to the priests’ portion of sacrifices at the Tabernacle.

Once again, archeology provides validation for the historical events recorded in the Bible — events that happened over 3,000 years ago. This reassures me about the accuracy of the Bible. I hope it reassures you as well.

Sebastian Kettley, “Archaeology clues lead to site of Israel’s Tabernacle ‘where God dwelt among people’”, Daily Express, Wednesday, February 3, 2021,

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