Whatever Is Honorable – Thu 21-02-25

Have you noticed that fiction is so full of noble heroes? Whether classic books, comic books or films, we are drawn to good-hearted, noble characters. We love the stories of their struggle to overcome obstacles or villains. Whether Frodo Baggins, Luke Skywalker, Spiderman or some other, we love the stories and know their names.

 It seems a bit harder to find noble heroes in real life, doesn’t it? I think they seem rare because we often look in the wrong places. When our attention is not consumed by family, job and entertainment, we tune into the news media and social media. You won’t find many noble heroes there. We look in the wrong places and we look for the wrong things, because the honorable people of life usually don’t face a super villain.

No, the honorable people in life are often unnoticed. They make decisions based on moral character, not on attracting attention. They donate blood, volunteer at food banks and lend their neighbor a hand. They enter 5K runs in order to raise money for a good cause. They wade through streams picking up trash so others can enjoy it. They visit elderly people to read to them and cheer their day. When faced with the choice to do right or wrong, they choose to do what’s right. These are just a few of the ways you will see honorable people.

Today, look around you for one of these noble heroes. When you find one, stop and thank them for what they do.

Bumper music “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.