Whatever Is Honorable – Wed 21-02-24

“Your Honor” is a title used in many English-speaking countries for government officials. In the United States, a judge is addressed as “Your Honor.” This is just one of the ways of showing high respect. Picture for a moment a court room scene. Do you notice all the other indicators of respect? The bailiff calls out “All rise” when the judge enters or exits. The judge wears a plain black robe. No one else is dressed in a robe. The judge’s seat is higher than seat of the accused, the attorneys, the witnesses, the spectators and often the jury. The judge also controls the room, demanding silence and order. These are all ways of showing respect to the law and court.

The title “The Honorable” is also used for other government officials. Many are elected at local and national levels. The title is intended to show respect for the office the person holds. Unfortunately, many of the politicians that serve in office, do not always act with honor. The office deserves respect, but on a personal level they may not.

If you’re like me, an every-day, normal person, you have no title. No one is required to show you respect or honor. Our challenge is to live honorable lives, to be upright, dignified. To live with honesty and integrity. To deserve it when someone says “you are an honorable person.”

Bumper music “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.