Whatever Is Honorable – Tue 21-02-23

Does your workplace provide recognition or awards for a job well done? Many do. In my former company, our group had an award for Operational Excellence. Managers in our team could nominate anyone in our group or the wider IT organization for the award. We then published the results to recognize the recipients’ excellence in doing their job duties. These awards varied for excellent customer service, providing extra effort to complete a critical project or teamwork to solve a problem. This recurring recognition helped everyone focus on high quality and reinforced excellent work habits. A focus on excellence produced more excellence in the team.

Where’s your focus? Are you thinking of the negative — whether the death toll from COVID-19, political division, riots, racism, or acts of terrorism? Whatever you focus on, will start a pattern of reinforcement. If you focus on the negative you will become more negative. One thing you should focus on is “whatever is honorable.” Can you find examples at work, in sports, in your reading or viewing of honorable actions? Examples of integrity, honesty and moral excellence? If not, maybe you need a new reinforcing pattern. Start searching for and recognizing honorable people. This will also help you become more honorable as well.

Bumper music “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.