Whatever Is Honorable – Mon 21-02-22

Today, I wanted to bring you an example of someone who is honorable. I began searching the internet for news articles related to the words moral and honorable. My first set of hits were about politics in the United States, and all of them questioned the honor and morality of the politicians in the news stories. Why am I not surprised! Then I decided to search in other countries. So I changed the search terms for each of these countries:  Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Again, the results were more about moral compromise and dishonorable behavior.

Finally, I uncovered an opinion piece Dean Hutson posted on the site for a local US newspaper, The Chattanoogan. He recounted an incident from Tom Weathers’ life. Tom was the American-style football coach at a local high school. That year Tom had an undefeated record. A few days after defeating a rival school, Tom reviewed the game film. Tom noticed that during the game, when the outcome was determined and a lot of substitute players were sent in from the sidelines, an assistant coach sent an ineligible player into the game. But no one knew but Tom. So what did he do? He called the state athletic association and reported the infraction of the rules. This caused his victory to become a forfeited game. The result was his team was no longer undefeated and was eliminated from the state football championship playoffs. Tom’s action — doing what’s right — is an example of being honorable.

Rob Hensley, “Tom Weathers Was A True Gentleman Of High Moral Character – And Response (2),” The Chattanoogan, December 12, 2020, https://www.chattanoogan.com/2020/12/12/419882/Tom-Weathers-Was-A-True-Gentleman-Of.aspx

Bumper music “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.