Prayer Tips

Need a little help in your prayer life? Sometimes knowing what to say can be a challenge for both new followers and those who have followed Jesus for years. I’ve learned a couple of acronyms that can provide structure for prayer. You might find them helpful as well. I don’t know who invented them, but they can get you out of a rut in your prayer life. Pick one of the acronyms and spend a bit of time on each topic as you pray.


  • Adore – spend time praising God.
  • Confess – confess how weak you are compared to God or confess sins you’ve committed
  • Thank – thank Him for the good things in your life
  • Seek – ask for the things you need.


  • Praise – It is always good to start by praising God!
  • Repent – express regret for what you’ve done wrong
  • Ask – make your requests for God’s blessing
  • Yield – express that you will follow God’s will, not your own