Whatever Is True – 21-02-14

This week on Sparking Faith, we begin examining the encouragement from Philippians 4:8. It tells us to focus on “whatever is true.” The word true can be used in many ways. For example, if I say someone is a true fan, does it bring a picture to your mind? In the United States, the American football Super Bowl championship was played a week ago. When you think of a “true football fan”, do you see a man, wearing a football jersey, surrounded by friends watching their favorite team on a large screen TV? Or is a true fan one who paints his or her face in team colors and cheers until horse?

Of course, outside the United States, picturing a true football fan will be different. Because “football” to the rest of the world is a sport where players kick around a round ball. A true fan will wear the team colors, attend the local games, at least, and chant, cheer and sing the team song. If they can’t attend, and the game is several time zones away, a true fan watches in the wee hours of the night to cheer on the team win or lose.

You see, a true fan is one who is genuine, authentic, real. 

How would people use the word true to describe you? Would they call you a true fan? A true friend? A true professional? Today, appreciate those in your life who are authentic and real. But also focus on being authentic to those around you.