Small Things

Several years ago, I played football for my high school team. I don’t remember a lot of specific games anymore, oh I remember some of my bad plays and even more of my good plays. But one of the memories that stands out is not my play. It is the fact that Ralph Bauman came and watched me play.

Ralph was a business man in a neighboring community. He was a member of our church. Ralph was a leader who took an interest in teenagers. He would shake my hand after church and ask me about school and sports. He encouraged me to attend youth group and to attend church camping trips for men and boys. In fact, when my dad couldn’t take the time off from work to attend the camping trips, Ralph took me.

Often in life, we want to accomplish big things! We want to make a big difference.  But the most influential things are often small acts, like giving someone your attention, or encouraging them with a friendly word. All these years later, I remember Ralph’s interest in me. I still remember that he took the time to drive to our community and watch me play football. His was a quiet influence that helped steer me on the right path.

Do you have people like Ralph in your life? Stop for a moment and remember their influence on you. Then, focus on doing something small for someone else today.