What’s In a Name?

Welcome to the Sparking Faith podcast, a two-minute message of encouragement. I’m  Elmer Fuller.

This is the very first episode of the podcast. So, what’s in a name? Why did I call the website and podcast “Sparking Faith”?

Well, first, it describes my desire. I want to deepen my faith in Jesus. In the midst of a pandemic, I was searching for a job. The news cycle was filled with the partisan clash of U.S. politics — especially following the national elections. I realized that I was too focused on the negative environment, too consumed by reading negative posts, too dismayed at the political class. I needed a different focus. If I needed encouragement, surely others did too. So I decided to start the website and podcast to spark my faith to a deeper level.

Second, the name reflects my purpose in life, which is to help others find and follow Jesus. Through Sparking Faith, I hope to encourage you with a positive message. I hope to reach you and any who speak English in our global community and help you find and follow Jesus.

So what can you expect?  Well, this podcast will always be two minutes in length. It will always be encouraging. It will always come from a Christian perspective, and will be released daily. In addition, the website will develop to include blog posts, articles and other resources to spark your faith to the next level.

I am so happy you have listened and I hope you will continue to join me each day!

Also please drop by the web site at www.sparkingfaith.com. You can subscribe to the podcast, check out the show notes for references, leave comments, check out the blog and more! And be sure to share it on Facebook, Instagram, MeWe and all your favorite social media!

Thanks for listening!

Theme Music: “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.